Who is Betwinner

Betwinner is one of the online betting sites that has had the greatest development in Italy in recent times. This bookmaker does not have a aams license: for this reason he has undergone an exponential growth among gamers. To understand what it means to not have aams license, you need to take a step back.

Because users choose Betwinner

When the game in our country has undergone strong growth, the state has required all agencies to adapt their own standards. Some rules have been imposed for all operators who wanted to exercise in Italy. For example the minimum bet limit, which still provides a minimum amount for the bet. The growth of Betwinner is linked precisely to this factor: not having limitations, the registrations on the site have grown. Who bets with Betwinner does not have all the regulations, so you can also bet a minimum amount and do not have maximum payout limits. In fact bookmakers not aams do not provide limits on winnings and have many facilities compared to those who do not have

Given the growth data, we have tested Betwinner. The user graphics with which the site was made does not differ much from the online bookmakers we are used to seeing in Italy. There are the various sections, including those dedicated to the casino: apparently, therefore, it seems a normal betting site. But what changes compared to classic bookmakers? We have noticed that the odds are much higher, therefore they allow to have a greater profit. Even bonuses and promotions are able to attract more people: the figures proposed are much more attractive than other betting sites. We also noticed that there are no winning limits. Aams licensed sites do not allow their subscribers to reach similar numbers. In this way, many move to sites that are not licensed, such as Betwinner. There are not even limits on wins: often some betting sites have imposed restrictions on bets and even on weekly top-ups. On sites not aams this type of limitation fails.

Opinions about Betwinner

We also see some opinions from readers. Franco, for example, explains why he chose Betwinner: “I chose Betwinner because of the odds. The winnings are higher and also allow for a win at home of a favorite team to have a good win. I like to bet on the safe side and also have a bigger bonus “.

Not only the odds, but also the limitations seem to be a reason to choose this site, as Emanuele says: “I have no limits on winnings and I can bet when I want. Who wants to bet must do it when he wants and without having any kind of limit “.

As we have seen, the opinions allow us to understand why there has been an exponential growth of non-aams bookmakers like Betwinner. The site offers the same identical sections and also allows you to have a greater income. In this way every bettor can choose to bet the amount he wants, without any kind of problem and without any limit.


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